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fIVE Startup Stories

The Podcast on Female Entrepreneurship

Talk with Talia Stroud, Professor and Director of the Center for Media Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin

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In this episode, we talk about a research-inspired topic: how to design better digital spaces. As many founders today are the designers, makers, and builders of those spaces, we would like to share the results of what Talia Stroud and her team found in the course of a two-year research project. As this podcast tries to encourage equity, equality, diversity, and democracy for the sake of all, the findings are an important consideration for all founders to think of when building their algorithms, platforms, digital communities, or spaces. We hope you get inspired with new food for thought and actions to follow.


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About this podcast

For us, entrepreneurship is not necessarily about starting or running a business. It’s a state of mind, a principle of life and an approach to dealing with problems. This is fIVE, your university podcast on female entrepreneurship by the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship.

We strongly believe in diversity! It’s just so much more fun and exciting; diversity in food, in cultures, in places, ways of living, learning, creating and doing things. It’s this desire to explore – that we all have in us, to see new things, and yes, to be curious to look what’s behind the next corner.

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